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The Department of Industrial Technology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology and a Master of Science in Systems Technology.

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Student Advising in ITEC

Please use the information on this page in order to simplify your advising appointment. Our goal is for you to have an efficient and effective advising session with your ITEC advisor. The information on this page and the available links will help you through this process. 

Why do I need to make an advising appointment?

  • Advising is critical to helping students have a productive academic career.  Successful advising can help students graduate in a more timely fashion and ensure that the courses taken are actually needed in a curriculum. In addition, your advisor in the Department of ITEC at UL Lafayette can answer questions about courses, curricula, and even career choices.
  • Also, your “advising hold” in ULink will not be lifted until you have met with your ITEC advisor and agreed upon the classes you should take in the next semester.
  • A signed advising form (blue academic advising form) will always be kept on file in the Department of ITEC, in your advising folder.

Student Responsibilities for Academic Advising in ITEC
Each student at UL Lafayette is assigned an academic advisor. If you are a ITEC major, your advisor will be from this department. Advisors are assigned by the ITEC Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Molly Guidry. If you do not have an ITEC advisor, you should contact Mrs. Guidry at 337-482-6968.

Students can find advisor information via the STUDENT TAB on ULink, or inquire in the ITEC Department office (CLR 255).  You should meet with your advisor during Early Advising periods (in March for Summer/Fall and in October for Spring) to talk about courses you should take for upcoming semesters and have your advising hold removed.

  • Contact your advisor to introduce yourself and schedule an advising appointment. You can email or call them to schedule the appointment. If you are sending an email, be sure to include your CLID and several days/times that you are available to meet your advisor. You should also ask for the days/times your advisor is available to meet with you.
    • Some advisers want you to sign up on a sign-up sheet by the ITEC office. Some advisors will set times to do advising sessions by first come and first serve. You will need to check with your specific advisor as to how they prefer you to schedule your advising appointments.
  • Prior to your advising appointment, pick up a blue Academic Advising Form from the Department of ITEC office (CLR 255) and fill out the top part of the form.
    • Last name, First name, CLID
    • Bulletin in Effect (i.e. 2007-2007; 2009-2011; 2011-2013, etc.)
    • Upper Division or Junior Division?
    • Major (ITEC – Exercise Science [for example])
    • GPA
  • Be prepared for your advising appointment by being knowledgeable about the courses you have left to take and any pre-requisites that are required. 
    • See “Links to degree plans” at right for a copy of your curriculum page
  • Bring the blue Academic Advising Form and a pen/pencil with you to your scheduled advising appointment.

Problems with Advising
If you have work or class conflicts with advising times and would like to discuss the problem, please go to CLR 255 and request to meet with the ITEC Department Head, Dr. Shelton Houston. Leave your name, phone number and email address. The ITEC Department Head will contact you to set up a meeting.

Academic Success Center
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette recognizes that academic advising is a critical component of the educational experience and success of its undergraduate students. The Academic Success Center (Lee Hall, Rm. 115) is an excellent resource for academic support services, and a place to start if you have a question and do not know where to find the answer.

sample blue form 


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