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Achievements - Dr. Shelton Houston

Dr. Houston has several publications which include:

  • Massiha, G.H., S. L. Houston, and K.S. Rawat, “How to Kill A Watt’ and Save Energy,” Techdirections, pp. 22-24, (January 2011)
  • Massiha, G.H. and S. L. Houston, “Construction Students Aid in Hurricane Recovery Efforts,” Techdirections, pp. 18-19, (May 2010)
  • Houston, S. L., and G.H. Massiha, “A Student Project Applying Automatic Identification and Data Capture for Inventory Management,” The Technology Interface Journal, Spring 2010, Vol. 10 No. 3, ISSN 1523-9926,
  • Houston, S. L., B. Walters, and T. Sulbaran, “Katrina – An Internship Opportunity,” Proceedings of the 2007 ASEE Annual Conference, [CDROM]. (2007)
  • Sulbaran, T., D. Marchman, and S. L. Houston, “State-of-the-Art; Effectiveness of Rumble Stripes on Highway Safety,” Proceedings of the 2007 ASEE Annual Conference, [CDROM]. (2007)
  • Houston, S. L., “SACS, QEP, and Hindsight,” Proceedings of the 2007 American Society for Engineering Education Southeastern Section Meeting, [CDROM]. (2007)
Dr. Houston has been successful in acquiring several research grants, the most recent include:
  • Co-PI, “Acquisition of Robotics System to Enhance Targeted Automation Control and Manufacturing Teaching and Research,” BoRSF (ENH), 2012. [LEQSF (2012-13)-ENH-TR-30] $88,888
  • Co-PI, “ULS Serves Grant (Conducting Home Energy Conservation Audit),” University of Louisiana System Services, 2009. [R-02328] $77,876
  • Co-PI, “Environmental Awareness Service Projects for Low Income Homes,” University of Louisiana System Services, 2009. [R-02352] $23,013
  • PI, “A/V System for Undergraduate Instruction,” UL Lafayette STEP Grant, 2008. [STEP G29808] $3,337
  • Co-PI, “Non-Invasive Flow Measurement Techniques Year 4,” EPSCoR, 2006. [Awarded 5/1/06] $264,478