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1. Bluewave Particle Size Analyzer from Microtrac
2. Sample Delivery Controller(SDC)
3. Microtrac FLEX Software
4. Omni Ruptor 4000 Ultrasonic Homogenizer
5. Hot Bonder(ACR-11 Series)
6. Yamato DX400 Gravity Convention
7. Fisher Scientific *Isotemp* Model 281A Vaccum Oven
8. Omni Mixer Homogenizer
9. Brookfiled Viscometer RVDV-I+
10. MORGAN G-100T Injection Molding Press
11. Q-LAB QUV/se
12. Q-SUN Xe-3-S Xenon Test Chamber
13. Killon LK-075 Extruder
14. Gottfert Rheo Tester 1000












1.Bluewave Particle Size Analyzer from Microtrac

Main features of the Bluewave Particle Size Analyzer:

• Resolution - The patented Tri–laser, blue/red, multi-detector, multi-angle optical system delivers unsurpassed resolution over the entire measuring range of the instrument. This is achieved through the use of both Red and Blue laser diodes.
• Accuracy - Microtrac Bluewave utilizes full Mie compensation for spherical particles. It also applies proprietary Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical materials – the majority of real life materials. This feature is unique to Microtrac!
• Stability - Optical bench design incorporating fixed detectors and lasers provides a rugged platform for consistently repeatable measurements. The enclosed optical path ensures complete protection of the optical components leading to little or no operator intervention
• Alignment - Laser alignment is fast and automatic. The overall optical bench stability ensures that realignment needs are minimal.
• Range - Measurement capability is from 0.010 to 2000 microns covering most particle size analytical requirements.
• Detector Activity - Microtrac's proprietary parallel channel integration provides full signal accumulation maximizing accurate signal acquisition.
• Wet and Dry Measurements - Using a selection of wet and dry sample delivery systems the Bluewave can be converted from wet to dry mode in less than 2 minutes.
• Flexibility - The modular design allows the user selectable configurations based on application requirements. The Bluewave system is easily up-gradable to meet future requirements.
• Automation - Microtrac FLEX software allows programming, saving and recalling of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). This facilitates increased precision in sample preparation and operation through automated, multi sample accessories.
• Calibration - Internal uniform light source utilized for testing, calibration verification and recalibration of detector segments.
• Validation - Full IQ/OQ/PQ support documentation is available.
• Security - Microtrac FLEX software meets or exceeds FDA 21 CFR Part 11 protocols.

2. Sample Delivery Controller(SDC)

Main features for Sample Delivery Controller (SDC):  

• Complete system. The SDC includes built-in ultrasonic probe, water/solvent connections, and port for computer connection.
• Simplified sample processing. The SDC automatically performs filling, de-aeration, dilution, pre-circulating, dispersing, measuring, draining, rinsing, and ultrasonification tasks.
• Solvent compatibility. Microtrac systems operate with all standard solvents. It easily connects to water supply line, solvent source, or reservoir.
• Optional preset defaults. The optional automated sample delivery system incorporates preset defaults to further streamline your sampling operations.
• Dry Powder Feeder Options. 

3. Microtrac FLEX software

The main features of Microtrac FLEX software:

• Measurement Criteria. Particle and carrier optical properties such as refractive index and shape are easily programmed for different
materials. Other criteria like sample analysis time, sample ID and data presentation options are easily accessed through the SETUP icon.
• Automatic Measurements. Automated measurement sequences can be programmed in combination with a selection of sample delivery
Levels of automation can be selected by the user.
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). FLEX software facilitates the programming, saving and recall of measurement setups in
accordance with standard operating procedures.
• Database Management. Measurements are saved in Microsoft Access Encrypted Database Format.
Analyses are easily recalled through a comprehensive search function for either review or comparison.
• Export functions. Data can be automatically or manually exported in either ASCII, excel or HTML formats. The user decides the export
• Data Tolerance. Pass/Fail function. The operator can set upper and lower size limitations for material specifications. Useful in quality control
• Statistical Analysis Package. Live display of analyses as they are performed providing statistical analysis on an ongoing basis.
• Trending. Ability to trend individual size parameters over a specific time period or material type.
• Report Generation. Microtrac FLEX software provides the user with the ability to design custom reports.
• Security. FLEX software incorporates a comprehensive security administration facility allowing password access and electronic signature allocation.

4. Omni Ruptor 4000 Ultrasonic Homogenizer                       

Main features for Omni Ruptor 4000 Ultrasonic Homogenizer: 

• Sound reduction chamber with moveable sample shelf.
• Auto-tuning for convenience of use and optimal processing efficiency.
• Process sample volumes of 0.25mL to 1,000mL.
• 0-15 minute adjustable timer.
• Pulse mode for sensitive samples.
• Power-emitted display for accuracy and repeatability.
• Variable power supply.

5. Hot Bonder (ACR -11 Series)

Main features for Hot Bonder (ACR -II Series):
• Easy-to-carry case holds your ACR II Hot Bonder, heating blankets, 
   vacuum hoses, and accessories.
• 1400° F (760°C) maximum temperature control.
• 10 thermocouple sensors per zone.
• Accepts both standard and mini type J thermocouple connectors.
• Built-in vacuum pump or vacuum venturi models.
• Universal voltage: 100-130VAC, 200-240VAC.
• Programmable to either standard or metric units.
• Pre-programmed with English and German Languages.

6. Yamato DX400 Gravity Convention

Main features for Yamato DX400 Gravity Convection Oven:

• PID microprocessor temperature control.
• Digital readout.
• Auto-tune mode.
• Calibration offset.
• Zero span calibration.
• Self-diagnostic safety functions and over-temp control.
• 304 stainless steel interior with 5.1cm (2") of rock wool insulation.
• 2-2.5cm (1") exhaust ports.
• Carbon steel exterior with baked melamine resin finish.

7. Fisher Scientific *Isotemp* Model 281A Vacuum Oven

Main features for Fisher Scientific* Isotemp* Model 281A Vacuum Oven:

• 10in, 1000w wraparound element.
• Capacity: 0.65 cu. ft. (0.018m3) .
• Dial-in temperatures up to 280°C (536°F) .
• Maintains 30 in.Hg (762mm) vacuum with less than 1/2 in.Hg (12.7mm) loss per day.
• Automatic temperature backup control takes over if the temperature rises more than 5°C over set point; constancy ±1.0°C at ultimate vacuum; control sensitivity ± 1.0°C; warning light alerts of failure.
• Full-view window permits continuous monitoring.
• 18-gauge steel cabinet is protected by chemical-resistant enamel with 4 in. thick (10cm) fiberglass insulation.
• Low-temperature handle and silicone door gasket.
• Separate inlet and outlet connectors/controls allow replacement of air with inert gas.

8. Omni Mixer Homogenizer

Main features for Omni Mixer Homogenizer:

• Sample volume processing from 0.25mL to 10L .
• Motor stand included.
• Auto-tune mode.
• Processing speeds from 500 to 20,000 rpm.
• Powerful 600-Watt motor.
• Configures to a wide variety of processing attachments including generator probes,
cutting blades, and sealed chamber assemblies.
• Quiet operation.
• 3-year motor warranty.

9. Brookfield Viscometer RVDV-I+

Main features for Brookfield Viscometer RVDV-I+:

• PC Interface for use with optional Wingather Software and output connection to printer .
• Direct access to time measurement function (time to torque, time to stop).
• Temperature off-set capability to ±5°C.
• Senses and displays continuously:

  1. Viscosity (cP or mPa•s).
  2. Temperature (°C or °F) (OPTIONAL).
  3. % Torque.
  4. Speed (rpm).
  5. Spindle used

• Torque measurement accuracy: 1% of full scale range.
• Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale range.
• Select all functions from user-friendly keypad.
• Choice of 18 rotational speeds.
• Optional RTD temperature probe.
• Auto-zero function to ensure precision torque measurement.
• Auto-range function to define full scale range (FSR) for all spindle/speed combinations.
• Warns of under- or over-range torque measurement condition.
• Direct output to chart recorder.
• Timed Stop feature to measure viscosity at precise user specified time interval.
• Time to Torque feature to measure the time interval for sample to reach user defined torque value.
• Compatible with all Brookfield accessories.
• NIST traceable viscosity standards available.

10. MORGAN G- 100T Injection Molding Press

Main features for MORGAN G-100T Injection Molding Press:

• 6 cu. in. (4 oz.) max. shot volume.
• 20 ton max. clamping force.
• 12,000 PSI max. injection pressure.
• 120-150 PSI of air pressure needed for standard operation.
• 160 PSI max air pressure.
• 1 CFM of air flow required.
• Tips sizes from 1/8 in. to ¼ in. with large, small, rectangular or shut-off
orifices on certain tips.
• Knock out rods can be installed on unit.
• 0-800ºF (0-430ºC).

11. Q-LAB QUV/se

Main features for Q-LAB QUV/se:

• Simulates real world environments including UV radiation
and condensation.
• Irradiance control constantly monitors UV levels and adjusts
power to lamps to maintain programmable UV set points.
• Can simulate up to 75% above typical noon summer sun.
• Light cycle temp: 40-85ºC.
• Condensation cycle temp: 40-60ºC.
• 5000 hours of average lamp life.
• 48 (75mm x150mm) samples.
• 8 liters per day of condensation (tap or DI).
• Samples mount onto 3"x6" panels
(note: all panels need to be in place for QUV to function properly).
• 120V/60Hz at 16A or 230V/60Hz at 8A (1800W max).
• Overall Dimensions: 54"x21"x53" (137cm. x 53cm. x 135 cm.).
• UVA-340 lamps simulate sunlight wavelengths from 295-365nm.
• UVA-351 lamps simulate natural sunlight filter through glass.
• UVB-313EL lamps emit radiation much more severe than natural
sunlight and can emulate long periods in the sun in a short amount of time.
• Up to 15 hours a day of condensation cycling.

12. Q-SUN Xe-3-S Xenon Test Chamber

Main features for Q-SUN Xe-3-S Xenon Test Chamber:

• Solar Eye Irradiance Control with set points of 340nm, 420nm, and TUV.
• 3-1800W xenon arc lamps with a recommended service life of 1500 hours.
• Optical filters are available to simulate daylight, light through glass, or extended
UV exposure.
• Black panel temp-light cycle 45-110ºC, with IR filter 40-90ºC, dark cycle 25-50ºC.
• Chamber air temp-light cycle 35-65ºC, with IR filter 35-65ºC, dark cycle 25-50ºC.
• Specimen tray dimension 17.5"x 28.25" (451 x 718 mm).
• 51 specimens plus black panel ( 2"x 4" for example).
• RO/DI water for spray.
• 36" x 72" x 39" (914 x 1829 x 940 mm).
• Spray nozzles at the top of the chamber.
• Spray can be programmed for either light or dark cycle.

13. Killon KL-075 Extruder

Main features for Killion KL-075 Extruder:

• ¾" screw.
• 1.5 HP motor.
• 3 heating zones.
• 12-120 RPM on the screw.
• 15:1 gear ratio.
• 29 5/8" (753mm) width.
• 52 3/8" (1330mm) length.
• 42" (1067mm) centerline.
• Weighs 400 lb (180kg).
• 230V/42A/60Hz.
• 65,000 amps short circuit capacity.
• Ambient air temperature should be above 40ºF (4ºC).
• Max. operating pressure is 7,500 PSI (513 Bar).
• Only suitable for thermally stable polymers (no thermosetting, cross-linking, fluorinated, or thermally degradable polymers).

14. Gottfert Rheo Tester 1000

Main features for Gottfert Rheo Tester 1000:

• PC control.
• Compatibility with MS Windows.
• 1:20,000 dynamic speed ratio.
• 400ºC max. test temp.
• ±0.1ºC temperature resolution over the entire barrel lengt.
• • Pressure or force measurement.
• Built-in data acquisition.
• Max. of 2 heater circuits with its own processor.
• "Constant Speed" mode-20 selectable feed rates while melt force/pressure is measured.
• "Constant Pressure" mode-20 force/pressure values can be selected while feed rate is measured.
• Die swell measurements.
• Feed rates: .0005mm/s-10mm/s.
• Barrel dimensions: 12.0mm/9.55mm +.01mm dia. x 200mm.
• Piston dimensions: 11.99mm/9.54mm-.01mm dia. x 200mm
• Pressure- 1400 bar with 9.55mm dia. barrel or 850 bar with 12.0mm dia. barrel.