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Are you interested in advancing technology while excelling as a business leader? Want to apply your skills across

Industrial technology is a blend of technical and management courses. You'll lean how to be an effective leader for teams that design creative solutions for all sorts of industries.

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It's no secret that technology moves quickly. Blink, and you're behind.

So you'll be a competitive candidate when you graduate, we utilize the newest and most effective technologies that you'll use as an industrial technologist.

Hands-On Learning

Having a career in industrial technology is about using your critical thinking skills to solve problems creatively — and those skills come from experience.

That's why our undergraduate and graduate programs provide hands-on experiences, so you can be successful in your first job and beyond.

Department of Industrial Technology

Industrial technology is a bridge between the worlds of technology and business. Learn the technical skills to optimize industrial production, the business savvy to manage teams, and the design skills to creatively solve problems.

Our Department of Industrial Technology blends applied research, utilizing the newest technologies, and tried and true business practices so you are prepared for a career in organizations ranging from the military to the oil field.

Learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs, and find out where industrial technology can take you.